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Ngentu & Company Advocates was founded in the year 2020 with the guiding vision that commitment, excellence and integrity drive success. The Firm prides itself in embracing innovation and staying on the cutting edge of providing unique and tailor made services that satisfy its clients’ needs in the shortest time possible with exceptional teamwork and work ethic. Its unwavering commitment to its vision is driven by its team of young, dynamic and competent professionals.

We believe in providing the best legal services to our clients to enable us spur growth and opportunities for our team and with client- focused objectives, in order to implement innovative and creative legal solutions.

Legal Practice Areas

and Property law

We have a number of clients, both corporate and individual, whom we represent in  conveyancing matters.

The Firm can perform and undertake securitisation of immovable property, and advise on Asset Finance and Asset Management, Finance & Securities, General lending, Leveraged finance, Real estate finance and work outs, Project finance transactions, Debt finance, Asset financing, Insolvency, Legal advisory, Mortgages (real estate finance) and Syndicated lending.

Intellectual Property

We offer legal advice on all aspects of registration and dealings in intellectual property. We undertake registration of Trademarks, Patents and Copy Rights.

The Firm offers advice and undertakes proceedings for the enforcement, opposition and protection of intellectual property rights before the Kenya industrial property tribunal and the high court of Kenya.

Commercial  and Corporate Law

We act for a variety of clients both individual and corporate in incorporation of Companies; Registration of Business Names; Partnerships; Companies’ restructure and also conducting searches.

Civil Litigation & Debt Recovery

We represent both corporate and individual clients in prosecuting and/or defending their diverse interests in all the Kenyan courts and tribunals. The Firm can also undertake debt recovery proceedings.

We undertake all above legal services in almost every county and on a daily basis thanks to our centralized and networked system of operations.


Labour &
Employment Law

We offer legal services to both workers and employers, with the aim of preventing,   resolving, and in all ways addressing a myriad of issues connected to the employer-     employee relationship.

We offer consultancy services on the new labour, laws and other related labour legislation.


Public Interest Litigation

Constitutional and Human
Rights law

Family & Probate Law

Civil Litigation and Debt Recovery

Cases Won


Staff Members

Practice Areas

The Lawyers



The Managing Partner

The managing partner at the Firm having taken the leadership realm and continued to steer the firm to great heights of success since the founding of the firm in the year 2020.
He holds an L.L. B degree from Kenyatta University and a diploma in law from the Kenya
School of Law. He was admitted to the Bar as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya in
the year 2020.



Head of Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Stive Wasonga is a partner at the Firm and serves as the head of Civil Litigation and dispute resolution.
He holds an L.L. B degree from Kenyatta University and a diploma in law from the Kenya
School of Law. He was admitted to the Bar as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya in
the year 2020.



The Manager - Meru Office

Apollo Kiogora Kelvin is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya in charge of the Meru
Office. He holds a L.L.B degree from Kenyatta University and a diploma in law from the
Kenya School of Law. 



An Advocate

Emma Gatwiri is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She holds a L.L.B degree from
Kenyatta University and a diploma in law from the Kenya School of Law. She is the newest
advocate having joined us in the year 2023.

Our Values and Principles


We stand for uncompromising integrity and high ethical conduct in our legal practice. We protect client’s information and uphold the duty of confidentiality at all cost. We give straight forward advice based on the law as it is our desire to see you succeed. We protect our character as we know it counts. We value ethical behavior, honesty, honor and the upholding of professional standards.


We treat each other with all the respect and dignity that they deserve and handle and serve all our clients with utmost respect. We listen and appreciate everyone’s opinion in a democratic way. We strive to promote a culture of respect for every individual. We maintain a working environment where individuals flourish, and our interactions are guided by mutual respect, courtesy, recognition and appreciation.


We continue to build a collaborative work environment by providing opportunities for growth through delegating responsibilities, sharing information and experience, keeping commitments and fostering trust and open communication. We consult widely to fully satisfy our clients. We continuously seek collaboration with other professional service firms and corporations to better serve our clients and meet their needs.

Commitment & Service

We persistently strive to achieve our, and our clients’, goals while adhering to our values. Clients come first. Being responsive and accessible is an important component of our organizational strength. We are deeply committed to the success of our clients. We work on the basis that if we help our clients to be successful, in the same vein shall we be successful. We anticipate our clients’ needs and advance their business priorities.

Speed and Turnaround Time

We strive very hard to handle and finish our client’s briefs within the shortest time possible and in a professional manner. We do not procrastinate. We get work done in the right way and at the right time. Speed in execution of services is at the core of our strategy.

Proffessional Excellence

We handle every task with great focus, paying attention to detail. We strive to be at the forefront of our profession in the skill, expertise and judgement we offer our clients and constantly seek opportunities to learn and grow. We believe in continuous learning; we embrace change, we uphold the philosophy of continuous improvement in all that we do. Every day is a learning experience through which we improve ourselves and offer better and quality services, further with the ability to solve problems by having an in-depth knowledge of your needs.

🏆 Awards 🏆

In the year 2023 the Law Firm was awarded by The Lawyer Africa as being a Top Law Firm in Meru

The Managing Partner was awarded by the Law Society of Kenya Mount Kenya Branch as the Pro Bono Lawyer Meru Chapter for the year 2023

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Our Vision

Strive to be strong, dynamic and versatile Firm by consistent delivery of peerless, quality and prompt legal services in a timely, cost-effective, innovative and professional manner creating a niche for ourselves by becoming the best.

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